Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Time To Play "What Should The Punishment Be": Airline Employee And His Fiancee Steal Luggage During Chaos Of Asiana Flight Crash And Sell Contents

(CNN) – In the hubbub at San Francisco’s airport following the crash of Asiana Flight 214, an airline employee and his fiancee allegedly stole luggage and exchanged some of its contents at a nearby Nordstrom for cash, a prosecutor said Tuesday. The two suspects — Sean Crudup, a United customer service representative, and Raychas Thomas, his fiancee — were arrested as the latter was catching a flight to Hawaii, the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office said in a news release. Both are free on bail.

The incident happened in the aftermath of the July 6 crash-landing of Flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport. Two people died right after the Boeing 777 shed parts, spun and burst into flames and another died six days later; about 180 others were hurt.

Welcome to our weekly installment of What Should The Punishment Be, where we round up the biggest scumbags on Earth and decide how they should be tortured and put to death. Today it’s the airline employee and his fiancee who used the chaos of a fatal plane crash to steal everyone’s luggage and pawn it all off at the local Nordstrom for cash. Yes as a young girl was ejected from her seat and run over by an ambulance Sean Crudup and his fiancee were just snatching up some loose carry-ons looking to make a quick buck. Maybe get a couple new button-downs and khakis out of some Tumi bags while rescue crews scrambled to save lives of airplane crash victims. Redefining scum. And while I’m all for due process and a jury by your peers I think in this case we can all agree that nobody would lose any sleep if these 2 got a little street justice on the side. My suggestion, put them on a plane and beat them with luggage full of rocks for 15 minutes then crash the plane into the tarmac. Or is that too harsh? We can always Call in Zimmerman. He knows how to solve problems like this

Here we go ......

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