Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday Travel Tiny Beads

Well hey there.  Richie is cruising back to us, and I thought I’d help a bro out here at the Daily Column with a column.  Kinda left it in a wreck for him, so housekeeping is indicated.

Here are some links for ya, and there are some non-virus-nsfw for your pleasure splotched about.

Tiny metal beads that created their own wave form.  Very cool.  It’s all about potential converted into kinetic, based upon how they are lying when they get into action. 

Aries Spears, 5 parts from a little while ago, but funny as hell.  Nsfw 

Coub loop of some nsfw chick.

Last Man On Earth flick, old school (1964).  Vincent Price. 

Create a sexy chat with your favorite sex partner.  Works well with wives, too.  

Antidote to a hard-on, a long video about the softening of ‘Merrica’s big dick.

Antidote to long, hard videos, tenderizing beef, via Russkia.  With a truck.  While copulating.   Ouch.   

Antidote, take a bike.  Babes on bikes, from The Chive.  Nsfw.  

Hey, Richie will be back soon.  Wish him safe travels.  It’s impossible that he left his house in the hands of this freaky dude.

Impossible   by Anberlin 

Told ya it would be ugly.  See you on Thirsty Thursday for the next part of the awful tale.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.  Ugly men photobombs of models.  


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