Saturday, August 24, 2013

BEING HERE or Get Off My Grass!

Thank you for covering for me on Thirsty Thursday, Mr. Bossman Rich Fowler.  Well done, good man.

I had intended to begin writing again about the 80’s and such, and this is the tune I found from today’s music.  It “gets” the 80’s.  Totally tubular, dude.

Kangaroo Court   by Capital Cities  

But, in searching for such things that hail to the time of the 80’s,  it became evident that we might want to consider the state of affairs concerning the Youth Culture of today.

To wit:

Instead of being in the moment, folks today look at things with their phones in their face.  Then they put it on Tumblr or  FB and await the “likes.”  Instant congrats and gratification.

There is no shame in enjoying the personal spotlight for the world to see, right? It’s all about enjoying life.  So, the Universe is expanding, according to a park ranger after a really big pot bust.

Or this, how horrible!  nsfw 10 Instagram from hottie celebs.

Huh.   Lovely marriage tune, sung by the bride…  You’ve seen this.  Damned youth today…

Craig Ferguson on why the youth of today are so self-involved.  Cranky old man, he nailed it, back 3 years ago.  It’s the Jonas Brothers, it’s their fault.

Or is it the Hanson Brothers?  MmmHops.  Damn shame.  

These damned kids, they even get tossed out of the window for screwing up a hold-up.  Duuuude.

Today’s young women and their logic.  God love ‘em.

Intelligence: Carl Gauss was a math genius who founded the Magnetic Club in 1833.  So, he inadvertently invented Magnetic Rail Guns.  Yet, some dude has created a fully automatic weapon without use of gunpowder.  Don’t let anyone see this.

Clapping For The Wrong Reasons, a half-hour short flick that is quite good.  It has boobies.  Also, it has boobies.  Ya know.

Well, here’s a really cool story you might find the time to check out.  It’s about the collapse of the world economy, from Vice’s Greg Palast.  Quite good.

Here is my own contribution, and it’s also quite depressing.  But wait, might there be hope at the end?  TCC CH 6 FLIGHT

Flashing some boobies during a live feed of a bike race.

nsfw cute pics of shorts from The Chive. 

Ah, well.  What ya gonna do.  Damned kids and their legalized drugs.  Stick to booze.  It’s the choice between the lungs or the liver.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, Two More For You.  Rock on, young folks.

We really love our cars, don’t we?

Trampled Underfoot   by Led Zep, solid vid by Natasa Pavlovic

Cranberry Zero nsfw


 Hidden track for me
Scumbag Blues  by Them Crooked Vultures  

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