Thursday, August 29, 2013


I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You   by Alan Parson’s Project

Thirsty Thursday today at the Mighty TDC involves some texting and some drinking.  Have at it, as you will.  Some might say “I wouldn’t want to be like you,” but do you know,  I am.  That’s what makes us all…   All of us.   That is why I write.  It can get ugly.  So have some fun why don’t you?  Do well and do it well.  Whatever it is that you do.

Or not:

Care to share some of your selfies from your phone cam?

Here are some who did.  25 of them, those sorry bastards.  We all get our fifteen seconds of fame, but some folks are way in debt.

Meanwhile, here’s what an open man-hole will do to your van.  (You drive a van?  Got candy in there?)

Prolly the dude was texting about kids in the area.  Here’s a free game for you.  Try to drive while texting.   It has a demo vid and various download options.

You can make better use of your time.  Bro-Bible’s Andy Moore explains the following Christian Anti-pron vid.  Well done bro.

Have you seen this?  You probably shouldn’t.  This is the vid of a guy eating a cactus shaped like a penis.  Must be really enjoying his meth or something.

Where the fuck should you eat next?  How about this fucking app?  It fucking works.  It’s fucking funny, too.  (For smcasey)

What a downer, huh?  (Wait, did Horatio sans actually take a cam pic of Lindsey Lohan’s ass as she exited the scene?  4:44)  

Speaking of butts, here’s the Chive’s latest butt compilation.  Slightly nsfw.  mmmm

This may also lift you up, but with humor.  You know that Mark Hamill will always be known as Luke Skywalker.  But what you may not have known is that he also does copious amounts of voicework for high quality animations.  Here, his work as The Joker is inserted into the death scene of Darth Vader.  This is very well done.  Mark does The Emperor as The Joker.  (Darth is voiced by Bane)  Ha!  Thank you YT’s Parry Hotter for your exceelent work here.

How about Star Wars acted by drunk people?  Here ya go.

If there is someone who understands what it is you have done, those things that you are ashamed of, it’s probably me.  The concept here, the meat of the matter, is that if you persevere, you just might rise back up into the sunshine.  It takes darkness to appreciate the light.

Here’s my own sordid contribution to our under-nets:

TCC CH Se7en… The Chauffeur APART.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK One More For You.

Japan and their weird but wonderful ways.  JWC3 vid game capture and Irish dudes commentary.  The horses!  A great find from the excellent Axiom Matt via Achievement Hunter.

Evidently, in order to race in this real online betting-for-money game, participants must create the weirdest finish via their racer options.  This part happens after the purple rider on the black horse whips out the head gear for his horse and then steers all wonky.  Japanese are the best.


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