Monday, August 26, 2013

Dude Did Not Appreciate Being Pantsed At A Chicken Wing Eating Contest

There are times for fun and there are times to be serious. Obviously a chicken wing eating contest is a time to be serious. You can’t be pantsing dudes who just stuffed their faces with dangerous amounts of chicken. You can’t. It’s so unprofessional. And if you do, well then you’re just gonna get clocked in the face. It’s how shit works. Seriously, try having a little class for once bro. We’re not screwing around on the golf course or something here. This is a wing eating contest. There are rules......Were living in a society here people !!!!!

Here we go ......

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I was hoping for some truly crazy ones, like "Edward R Murrow was afraid of spatulas," but all of these are pretty mundane. I mean, of course Pamela Anderson is afraid of mirrors. Consider what she sees there.

Perhaps the strangest one is that Megan Fox is afraid of dry paper. Sorta. She has to wet her fingers before turning the pages of a book. Yawn.

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