Friday, August 9, 2013

How About This Brooklyn Ass Hat Who Willingly Lives In A Renovated Dumpster?

I hate this guy and everyone like him !!

Source - A California designer has turned a $2,000 dumpster into a fully functional home, complete with a bathroom, bed, kitchen and sun deck. Gregory Kloehn converted the dumpster in Brooklyn off of a hunch, and now he uses it whenever he stays in New York. ’It just hit me,’ he said on HGTV’s show, ‘You Live in What?’ ‘I thought hey, this is the perfect shape for a home.’ Kloehn added wheels to the bottom of the dumpster so it could be more easily transported and carved a custom door on the side for easy entry and exit. For drinking water, he installed a six-gallon water tank on the roof. The same water is funneled into the tiny toilet when he needs to use the bathroom. The water is also hooked up to an outdoor shower.

Wow, how clever and environmentally responsible. Super neat, guy. I guess people don’t need a real apartment or space or security to have a comfortable home after all. If only the rest of us were so cool and hip that we could live in a swelling with such a small carbon footprint like this pioneer right here, the world would be a much happier place.

I guess the only problem is that you LIVE IN A FUCKING DUMPSTER. A metal box created for the sole purpose of collecting waste and trash. A place where only rats and AIDS invested homeless people are supposed to dwell. And not only that, it’s in the middle of a lot that looks like its #1 tourist attractions are crack sales and brutal rapes. Sick pad, idiot. Why don’t you just take the logical next step and live in the fucking dirt. I mean that’s the endgame with all these tiny, environmentally conscious homes, right? They’re just gonna get smaller and shittier until all the Brooklyn dorks are just burying themselves in dirt and trash every night and calling it their apartment. But god forbid someone takes away their iPhone which was made in a sweatshop using rare minerals mined from a third world country. Oh no! Now I can’t Tweet about how green I am and how much I love the planet! Eat a dick you hipster knob-jockeys.

Not saying I wish real physical harm on this dude or anything, but at the same time if a garbage truck came and emptied him into the compactor early one morning, I’d probably chuckle.

See ??? ASSHOLE !!!!!
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