Saturday, August 10, 2013


Well, got back from visiting my Uncle, and that was a great meet.  It always is good to see him.  He is the younger brother of my Dad (RIP) and these two men were leaders in their communities.

It was a bit poignant, for my Uncle is selling his lovely home and taking his wife to move permanently to FLA, to be among all their grandkids.

Being in their 70’s it’s a bit much to keep both homes running.

No, he was not rich.  He was simply smart with money.

The reason that I am telling you this is that he wanted to know if I had any interest in his workshop.


He had grown another collection of tools he’d gotten down theyah in FLA from every craft that he had learned (and taught himself) in his life.

Now, when you happen across an estate sale from a man, you may find a treasure of such instruments, and hopefully, you have liquid money for the auction.

This was offered to me for free, and also to my sistahs.

Who are married.

I could not visit him last weekend due to tribal matters, but the other men could.

In telling him this a month ago, he said, “It’s only fair to offer First Dibs to those who can come.”

I agreed.  I also told him that, “I don’t need anything from you in order to visit you every time you come up from Florida. The only thing I want is to hear you talk about our family’s past.”

I asked him only to set aside the garden implements that his son (my cousin) and I had used to work his mother’s farm back when we made 50 cents per hour, from her.

They were family heirlooms of a sort, since they had been in the family for a hundred years.  These were worn about the edges (spades that looked like large, pitted rose petals, and hoes that looked much the same).

Good enough for the likes of me.

I brought my wife and Dotta there, (Son was doing his thing) when we visited today, and just got back from Topsham.

I held no ill will for none of those men, my sister’s husbands for doing what I would have.

There were table saws, radial-arm saws, chain saws, drill presses, …you get the idea.

But also, there were tinker tools, brazing torches, welding and MIG and TIG set-ups, and also,

His masonry tools.

He invented split-field stone artistry, and only two men he has ever researched used his mortar stylings.


I got down there today and we reminisced about my Gramma’s farm.

He said that the others had brought back the garden implements for me, and I knew that.

But, and get this, he laid out our family tree for my Dotta, and had made copies made of it for us.  She holds them all now.   These got back to 1013 A.D. in Scotland

You should have seen the look in her eyes.

Hey, I’m half Penobscot, and that goes back for twelve millennia, to the last Ice Age, when we migrated up from Florida, following the melting glaciers.  Talk about climate change…

But the best thing?

He handed over to me the trowels that he used for his masonry art.


He said, “I’m glad that it’s you who hold these now.”

Damn fine.

So, it is late, and I have a tale to write for you, and it will be up for you tomorrow.

For now, here is a link that is not about him, but it is…

…in a way.

He was a bad-ass Mo Fo in his time. 

He still is, ya know.

Nowadays, it would be akin to the creator if this fine video.  Well done.

See you tomorrow, if you like.

 Bu you know, I'll be borrowing some welders from my bros-n-law.

Maybe they'll get them back?

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

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