Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mosh Pit At Lolla Was The Oklahoma Drill Meets Royal Rumble

One of the best videos in a while !!


Well that was entertaining to say the least. Just a bunch of kids mashing each other’s skulls in. My only complaint is that this didn’t go on for 700 hours. No wonder china is winning..Absolutely criminal that the chick in the end didn't get title nined right in the tits !!!!

Love this kid, taunting the world before he gets the forearm shiver into oblivian

Here we go ....

Taylor Swift admitted what we’ve long suspected that she only dates the guys she dates in order to write shitty songs about the break-up.

Weiner Slurs Opponent as "Grandpa"
at AARP Event to Court Seniors

Sylvester Stallone Slams Bruce Willis as "Greedy and Lazy" On Twitter; Harrison Ford Replaces Willis In 'Expendables 3'

Rihanna Gets Down and Extra Dirty
for Carnival in Barbados

The 6 Most Hilarious Ways Mainstream Media Failed at Google

Above are highlights from Lindsay Lohan's gig as Chelsea Lately guest host.

University of Iowa named nation’s top ‘Party School’

What Is Lady Gaga's Big, Damaging Secret?

"So what is the secret? I know what you're thinking: a penis. But that rumor has been around so long that I don't think it could do any more damage than it already has. The world is changing. A hidden penis could end up being a boost to the nonstop shockfest that is Gaga's career.

Instead, I offer these guesses and ask you to provide some guesses of your own:

She played Paul Pfeiffer on The Wonder Years.

She is descended from the flying monkeys in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

She is the walrus."

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