Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thirsty For Time

Two Times   by Karate Kid  

Time.  Not enough of it a day, and not much left in our blessed summah.  But no worries, we can squeeze the remaining sunshine time and put it into a big pot, boil it down, and make candy for the rest of the year.

Opening time:  half hour past noon.  If that is when you saunter in to work, God Help You if Conan is your boss.

At minute 8:00 of the following short flick, an interesting hint of horror occurs.  This isn’t fully explored, but it could make for a great story.

The Final Moments of Karl Brant  (With Pee Wee Herman)

To wit:  what if you found out that your life had ended, but you were aware of it and had to deal with it?  That must be a really bad day…  for us each…  when we pass on…

Here’s where the Chauffeur is going with his part in the tale.   TCC CH 1 Bad Apple.

Lunch time:  Sammich.  Motorcyclist almost eatsit…  between two trucks.

Closing Time.  No, not that sorry ass song.  Jeez, what do ya think we're running here at the TDC anyways?  

Monkfish closed on a Russkie’s arm.  Ouch.

I Am The One Who Knocks, the musical.   Actually, this is quite good.  All five seasons of Breaking Bad, by kids, with their prediction of the end of it all.  Ding ding ding…

Batman back-story according to someone in Chinaland.

Some wise-ass narrated the Batman trailer with that crap.  You like swee sowa pohk?   

Wise ass, from The Chive.  Nsfw  

Hard knocks history:  top 10 moments in sports.  

Just don’t pump your fist before you win.  You might jinx yourself ...and crash and cry...

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK One More For You

Summer time reading, with Nick Offerman,  on Jimmy Kimmel.  Be honest, you don’t read much.


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