Monday, August 19, 2013

This Guy Who Dove Into the Bushes For A Ball At the Little League World Series Absolutely Has To Chill Out

Dude ??? Seriously ??!?

Bro you got to take it down like 8 levels. I mean ordinarily I love that type of hustle but it’s a Little League game. Can’t be a grown ass man diving head first into bushes when the average age of people in the park is 9 years old. Like maybe I would have even have let it slide if he didn’t come out of the forest with a bloody face but he did. That’s too much dude. Too much.

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True Blood fans: In case you care - this is the book Vampire Eric was reading when ...

I didnt realize Facebook allowed this type of material ( NSFW )

Could This 8-Year-Old Be The Key to Immortality?

"Gabby Williams is eight years old, but looks like a newborn. She is one of only a handful of people across the world who age at an incredibly slow rate, and scientists are trying to figure out why. Once they do, the discovery could help fight Alzheimer's, and even give us an aging 'off switch,' which would give humans the chance to stay the same age ... pretty much forever."

Imagine Justin Bieber, just as he is now, forever ... 'tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Of course, it will be only the very rich who can afford the treatment. Donald Trump will live forever while the rest of us go to our eternal rewards.

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