Monday, August 12, 2013

Younger Generation Starting to Prefer Liquor Over Beer

HuffPo- Millennials are driving a decline in beer’s lead as the most preferred type of alcohol, according to a recent Gallup poll. The percentage of adults under 30 who pick beer over wine or liquor has dropped from 71 percent in the early 1990′s to just 41 percent today. While beer narrowly remains the most popular drink of choice when compared to wine and liquor, young Americans are shifting towards liquor increasingly. Twenty-eight percent of 18- to 29-year-olds said they prefer liquor today, compared to 13 percent of that age group who said they preferred liquor in a 1992-1994 survey. The poll found that 53 percent of men say they prefer beer over wine and liquor — but that’s an 11 point drop from 1992. One-in-five women said they like beer the most, while 52 percent of women said wine is the best.

There’s a lot of theories flying around as to why this is happening. Some people claim that people are getting tired of drinking shitty beer, others think it’s because people are starting t become more health conscious, and douchebags lacking self-awareness claim it’s a reflection of the country’s shifting social tides and other intellectual bullshit. Everyone is wrong. It think it’s pretty obvious what the explanation is: our generation has started to do a cost-benefit analysis and this change in tastes just proves that we’re smarter than everyone else. You’re always going to have girls and gays that won’t drink anything but red wine, but it only takes a couple of weeks with limited funds and an alcohol addiction to figure out what to spend your money on.

If you’re lucky you can find a 30 of Keystone/Natty/Bush and other assorted undesirables for around $14. When everything’s said and done that like 50 cents a drink. On the other hand, depending on your level of desperation a plastic handle of glorified rubbing alcohol (Georgi/Cossak/Generik Russian name) in a will run you $10-$12. That’s about 40 shots and when you do the math that come to about less than 50 cents a drink. If you factor in mixers and cups and shit it’s probably a little bit more, but if you’re doing that you’re a fucking werido and definitely not the kind of person that this analysis it meant for.

And you thought you would never use math outside of school ?
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