Thursday, September 12, 2013


Bury Me With It   by Modest Mouse  

Hey, don’t look at me, I’m just here for the ride.  Sorry, guys.

What a helluva ride we’ve had for these past ten years, isn’t that right?

We have been through a lot, all of us on our paths,

And we’ve been through many events that occur along the highway of this internet thing…

Hell, we even took on another site in a fight and we pushed them down and screamed in their face:

“Don’t Fuck With TDC!”

Some days each week, I’m supposed to drive this friggin' thing.

God help you are in the passenger seat when the likes of me is driving, 

or TDC original Inventor Peter, 

or the always Hopeful and positive Hoot, 

or that incisive Jambo,  

and our southern gentleman ‘Tucky,

…and especially the Bossdude, Richie.

He’s been doing this for a very long time, and Gawblessim.

Life happens and we grow up and put on our big boy pants and next thing you know, we have other things that demand our constant attention. 

You should know that not one of our front page contributors and authors would do this work without you,

…you TDC Dedicated Enjoyer you.

Thank you for hopping in the car and trusting that we would take you back home again after, and visiting our forum each day.

What a fucking blast, ya know?

Yes, you do know.

You have been the one who keeps getting back in the car after each weird escapade and crash whenever you found the ticket to join the ride.

Nicely done.

Thank you and goodnight, my young friend Bossman. 

Carry on.

God Help You

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

One Last Song For You.

Trapped   by The Living End   


Just fucking with you.  Here’s some links for ya, you TDCers.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail due out in theatres soon I say, old chap!

Simon Pegg and his 12 Steps to Drunkenness.

Real life Batman and Captain ‘Murrica save a cat with mouth to mouth recreation.

They musta been drinking their own urine to prove somethingor other…

Hey, I’m an ass, man.  Don’t look at me that way.   The real Assman is The Chive.  Gawblessim, ya know.  

Evan Williams Whiskey is spelled EWW.   By Dan St. Germain.  

Antidote:  Tall glass of milk.  Kate Upton, on Brobible.  Dayam that’s a lot of tata. 

The End.


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