Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ghost In The House



…was that a sound from the musty cellar?

…a ghost? 

It’s coming up the squeaky stairs…   

The door is creaking…


Mind Your Manners   by Pearl Jam  

Turn that punk music down! 

We don’t want to be caught.

Now listen: I don’t know if this is allowed according to the Intarwebs rules of order. 

You see, it appears that the side service entrance to this blogspot remnant of the Mighty TDC has been left unlocked. 

What is a ghost to do?

What would you do?

Well, a proper ghost would have some fun, ya know? 

It may not last all that long before a possible exorcism, but what the hell. 

Why not?

Care to follow along? 

You might know by now that the willies thing is an avatar, an imaginary character, a ghost created across the Ethereal-net for three simple purposes: 

To write,

To help out a bit,

And most important of all, which was the original intention for creating the ArpaNet:

To share ideas.

My Ritual   by Folk Implosion  

So let’s see continue on.

How about some links ?

Some new-zeal-landers prank their friend: Kegs of beer hooked to each water faucet in his house.  They have true zeal, them Kiwis, and who wouldn’t enjoy having a bunch of buds like this lucky dude has?

Here are some good ideas from a solid contributor.  Keep Smiling.  Well done. 

Them Englandish folks truly enjoy their language.  Here’s a find from Dr. Palinka.

Too much ?  Here’s Marty McFly from Back To The Future, a compilation of all his screams.  Pretty good.

Speaking of time and space, perhaps a fourth dimension blackhole burped out the Big Bang that created our own universe?  Hmmm.  4D.  Are there ugly eyeglasses for that sort of movie as well?

Speaking of black holes, brown holes and pink ones.  Here’s a place that never fails to deliver for safe free nsfw material.


God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, Two More For You.

TCC CH11 Revolve.

Now open up the windows and clean your own tomb in time for Hallowe’en.  Here’s some tunes for such a pursuit as fall cleaning: The whole album called Make Yourself A Tomb   by Incubus 

No disrespect to the TDC Bossman Richie Fowler for stealing the keys for a bit

Ya know


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