Thursday, September 26, 2013



Indeed, the old Daily Column dot Com site has become hacked.  Do not type those words into your address bar.  You yourself may become hacked.  I mean, personally. lolomglmfaobbqsauce!!11!!

However, in the best of intentions from Peter and Richie, they had the insight and forethought to preserve the front pages of the Mighty TDC for all time by inserting them pages (from the way back into the early ages of the internet) onto this Blogspot thing, which is owned and operated by Google.

Which means that it could continue to exist for perpetuity, or at least, until Google becomes sentient and eradicates all life on Earth in the name of robots. Ya know, could happen.  Jeez, don't look at me that way.

The forum threads of TDC Member conversations appear to be gone forever. 

Truly sorry about that.  Your contributions to the TDC forums were what made the TDC so much fun.  Lost now are the avatars we each created, and our jokes and internet finds and the ribbing with each other.

But now we have FB to carry on, and we all know each other anyway, as much as we can or will allow, in such a large new world such as that.  Also: Twitter. Instagram. Tumblr.  Etc.

One day in the future, FB and them other sites may allow a tiny spark in the whole of the internet world to rise again.

For now, it's understood that we each and all have our own things to do offline.

These things take quite a bit of our valuable free time, be it raising a young family, earning money to survive, enjoying the sunshine, putting up our pics of our enjoyment of our lives for all to see, and otherwise assisting our own little Tribes in the real world.

Someday, we may see you here again, our friends.

Until then, enjoy the Daily Column archives.  The early ones, from 2002, are the best.  Many links might not work (remember when Peter and Richie showed us Nip Slips?  Man, we have cum a long way since those early days of the internet, huh?)

But the words written by them two young men revealed something true, which is this:  Honest enjoyment and sharing of what they found, with you.

Now go find some enjoyment for yourself, indeed.  The World Wide Web awaits. Always wear protection, mind you.

Me? I’ll continue on with the  Weekend At Willies thing.  I just can’t be helped.  It’s my own mental vacation, my friend.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out

OK, two more for ya, then I'm truly out.

Yacht Rock Episode 1  (Funny as hell)

Adjectives  via Star Wars by One Minute Galactica  


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