Thursday, October 24, 2013


Paper’d Up  by Snoopzilla  

Hey there, how have you been?  Been busy around these parts.  Work intrudes upon the time for fun, but both are necessary for you, my friend.

Thank you for visiting the remnant of a one-time really fun party we knew as the Mighty TDC.

The weirdness of Halloween Season awaits, shall we delve?  Time for some mental vacation on your Thirsty Thursday.  (It appears that the phrase has been taken over by quite a many bars, pubs and what-have-you).

I haven’t partaken of smoke in decades.  But if I ever did again, it might be fun to do so with “Snoopzilla” and James Franco. 

FWIW, it appears that most people in this country are lightening up their opinion of the smoke.  Or lighting up. 

Booze and sex is the solid standby for the rest of us legal-minded folks, isn’t that right?  But what about when it is a long-time porno star shilling her book, while endrunkened on a morning news show?.

Maybe we can fix the ObamaScare website roll-out with the help of McAfee anti-virus? 

Antidote:  Drunk guy in Japan, interviewing pixies with jobs.  Not what you think. 

Good Ole Jakety Ghoust  (RIP)   

Speaking of old ghousts,  Snoop Dogg  aka Snoop Lion wants to be named Snoopzilla for his reggae Funk.  

Bootsy Collins invented the funk, remember him from Parliament?  Well, he played with James Brown (RIP).

You should know that Ole Gregg  from the Mighty Boosh stole the funk back from the depths of the ocean.  


NSFW “Filth”  due to weird shit.


God Help You

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

No “One More For You"

Will not link to my tale from here anymore.  Sorry about that.  If you know me and what I do in the real world, then you will understand.

A big fight awaits my tribe. 

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!