Monday, December 2, 2013

Florida Bobcat

A good man, that there Florida Bobcat.

Ya know, Dude could find out anything at all about you, but he never used his intel against one of us Olden Days TDC Citizens.

He charmed us with his heart-felt YT videos with his dog Bandit during the end of his walk, his well-chosen words in each post, and he was never mean to any one of our TDC Clan.

Ya know, he tried out the FB thing, but maybe it wasn't his thing.  

Bobcat was old school.  He liked the telephone thing, (the one with out the texting, ya know, like Land Line), and boy couldn't he talk your ear off during each phone call. 

As a true gentleman, he would keep you involved with your own thoughts.

That's probably how he got his intel, ya think?

All kidding aside,

You will be missed, good friend.

You are with your wife now.

Rest In Peace, good man.



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